Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Kayak 1

Thompson River University!

I'm a student at the TRU in Kamloops at the Adventure Guide Diploma. At this course you have mandatory courses where you have to take! Kayak 1 is one of them.
We spendet the hole week in Clearwater thats about 2 h away from Kamloops. First of all we had a day practicing rescue systems and swimming techniques in the river. On the next day we spendet mostly the hole day doing eddy turns and river crossing so you can imagine that this was pretty boring! The next few days we were doing mostly the same but also kayaking until class 3 rapids and practicing roles and other things. After 5 days we returned to Kamloops. I have to say the course was not to bad but i'm there to become a mountain guide and not a kayak instructor. In my opinion it was a week were we wasted in doing things were we not into! And i'm sorry but i forgot to take my camera with me on this course. :)

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